Welcome! My name is Marcin and I come from Bydgoszcz. For three years I have been working as a search engine optimization specialist in one of the Bydgoszcz agencies. My responsibilities mainly involve optimization of websites. Before I also dealt with link building, writting texts (of both poor and high quality) and creating websites.

I graduated from electric school complex in Bydgoszcz and completed a course of study in a information and communications technology (ICT). I completed also first-cycle engineering studies of information and communications technology (ICT) at the University of Science and Technology. The topic of my engineer’s thesis was: ‘Functional analysis of operating systems of the mobile devices”.

In my spare time I indulge in my passion which is sport journalism. I cooperate with Polish Nationwide newspaper Speedway Weekly and portal Zuzelend.com,where I am the correspondent from Bydgoszcz and I write the accounts from the meetings of the local team and I conduct interviews with the players, activists or politicians.